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Coming in Finistère South, it is obviously the pleasure of hiking.


There are hundreds of possible around Bénodet , but the one we offer this summer regarding Bénodet and is accessible to all.

This walk goes around Benodet from Anse Penfoul , it runs along the ledge to the White Sea. The opportunity to discover a varied coastline ( mudflat and its boat cemetery , ports, the mouth of the Odet , beaches , lagoon Letty ... The walk back through the loop of the small mill and cutting through streets and roads to reach the starting point.


Resulted in the White Sea , a virtual lagoon separated from the ocean by dunes Mousterlin and Pointe St Gilles , the beach of Bénodet .



And the port management to Cornwall Bridge, this beautiful hike is 12 km and 2:30 you plan to achieve it
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